Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sugar Bells

It's a lazy Saturday downtown and I'm loving the rain. I know it is working magic in my garden - my mom always says that rain has a secret nourishment that no other water has. This week my sugar snap peas and Oregon snow peas burst into bloom. I think the little white flowers look like miniature church bells swinging on the vine.

Sadly, there are microscopic green bugs eating my squash. I cannot seem to get rid of them! I've been trying Pharm Solution products, but the bugs are still here. I love Pharm Solutions and I believe in their work... maybe I just need more time before the little buggers die. Any advice for waging an organic war against tiny bugs?

In other news, the limequats are almost ready to pick and the kumquats are starting to turn from forest green to polka-dot green as some orange tries to seep to the surface.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peas, Louise!

Look what about a month and a ton of California sunshine did for my baby peas! Now waiting for the flowers that will turn into pods. Happy Gardening!