Saturday, March 27, 2010

And We're BACK!

Long story short, I left the big law firm mistress for my real life. Back to gardening! So much has happened already this year in my garden world. First, I'm splitting time between Los Angeles and Portland. Second, I've started a garden club here in Portland. Third, since I don't yet have my own yard (house negotiations ongoing), I am engaging in lawn-sharing (other lawn-share enthusiasts) with a delightful pro gardener. She has more yard than she has time to cultivate and I have the need to cultivate. Match made in heaven. Yesterday, we spent more than five hours building raised bed boxes, churning soil, adding fresh delicious soil, working the compost pile, and planting peas. Are we later in the season than I'd hoped? Sure. But, we're making progress! Too boot, a group of high school girls interested in gardening joined us for the day. They worked hard and really enjoyed the learning experience! Most had never planted seeds in their entire life. I LOVE spreading the gospel of gardening.

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  1. Hey I have lots of weeding you can do!! Thanks for dropping into my blog and being jealous of the greenhouse. I honestly can't believe my good fortune - my lovely Rat!! Do drop by again and I'll check in on you guys too - I'd love to drop my Silicon Valley tech job mistress, but you know, it pays the bills for the greenhouse :-)