Friday, April 9, 2010


To say that Rachel and I bought a lot of seeds today would be an understatement. We are both zanny gardeners with big imaginations, and even bigger dreams for the St. Johns Community Garden @ Red Sea. We purchased seed starting flats from Home Depot and most of our seeds from Garden Fever. Surprisingly, the prices were better at adorable Garden Fever. We tried to buy as many seeds as possible from Nichols Garden Nursery located in Albany, Oregon. Our next choice focused on seeds from Botanical Interests or Seed Savers Exchange. Where neither brand had what we wanted, we went for the cheep stuff, but don't get your garden gloves in a bunch, we did our best to stay organic, local and heirloom (we want to teach others how to save seeds). Here's what we bought (remember seeds last more than one season!):

Bloomsdale Spinach [Botanical Interests]
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Morris Heading Collards [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Garden Rocket Arugula [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Yugoslavian Red Lettuce [Seed Savers Exchange]
Nichols Mesclun Mix [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Red Giant Mustard [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Neon Color Mix Swiss Chard [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Sea Kale [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Redventure Celery [Nichols Garden Nursery]

Dill [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Thyme [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Cilantro [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Curled Chervil [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Bronze Fennel [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Genovese Basil [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Nichols Spicy Basil Mix (including Anise Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Clove Basil, and Thai Licorice Basil) [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Dolce Vita Blend Basil (including Cinnamon, Genovese, Tall Lemon, Lime, Mammoth, and Purple Petra Basils) [Botanical Interests]
Common Chives [Botanical Interests]
Rosemary [Nichols Garden Nursery]
True Greek Oregano [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Blood Veined Sorrel [Nichols Garden Nursery]

Green Zebra [Botanical Interests]
Brandywine [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Oregon Spring [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Stupice [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Willamette [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Jelly Bean Red & Yellow Grape Tomato [Botanical Interests]
Windowbox Roma Tomato [Nichols Garden Nursery]

Early Jalapeno Chile Pepper [Botanical Interests]
Fast and Sassy Sweet Pepper [Nichols Garden Nursery]

Luscious Sweet Corn [Nichols Garden Nursery]

80 Yellow Onion Bulbs (from Home Depot - does not include any other details as to what type of yellow onions)
80 Yellow Rock Onion Bulbs [Irish Eyes]
Walla Walla Sweet Onion Seeds [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Evergreen Hardy White Bunching Onion [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Scarlet Nantes Carrots [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Carnival Blend Carrots [Botanical Interests]
Four Color Mix Beets [Nichols Garden Nursery]

Early Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash [Botanical Interests]
Black Beauty Zucchini [Botanical Interests]
Yard Long Armenian Cucumber [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Small Sugar Pumpkin [Nichols Garden Nursery]
Moon and Stars Watermelon [Seed Savers Exchange]
Table King Bush Acorn Winter Squash [Botanical Interests]
Waltham Butternut Winter Squash [Botanical Interests]
Sugar Snap Peas [Botanical Interests]
Snow Pea / Sugar Pod Two [Seeds of Change]
Purple Podded Pole Bean [Seed Savers Exchange]

Nasturtium (Jewel, Mixed Colors) [Ferry-Morse]
Wildflowers: Hummingbird & Butterfly Mixture (includes Alyssum, Arroyo Lupine, Bachelor Button, Black-Eyed Susan, Coreopsis, Indian Blanket, Mission Red Monkeyflower, Painted Daisy, Purple Coneflower, Scarlet Bugler, Wallflower, White Yarrow) [Stover]
Blue Flax [Ferry-Morse]
Calendula [Nichols Garden Nursery]

Mammoth Sunflower Seeds [Stover]
Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seeds [Stover]

Now to figure out what my starts will be... The seed starting crew is meeting early Saturday morning!

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