Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sharing Crops Seed Starts

Jacklyn and I headed out to John's farm to take advantage of his very generous offer to "babysit" our seed starts in his heated green house. We had a blast carefully filling and charting our starts for SEVEN (yes, you read that correctly SEVEN) flats of seed starts. The tomato flat had 36 large start pellets, but the other flats were the standard Jiffy variety that house 72 little seed babies. You do the math... I couldn't have made it without my fearless team member. The wind really picked up as the morning progressed. Notice we added some layers before all was said and done. I cannot wait to go back and check on my babies in 10 days. I will be even more excited when we plant the starts in the our new community garden in St. Johns!

Me with the tomato flat and Jacklyn with a "regular" flat, also filled with tomato seeds:

I was using the fork to fluff dirt, however, this does not explain my very weird pose in this picture. We had to put rocks on the lids to hold them down against the mighty winds.

Some of my baby tomatoes:

All of the flats, COUNT THEM! We put the babies under newspaper so as not to sun shock them while we worked. I cannot think of a better use of my beloved Wall Street Journal:

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