Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Lady Bugs Came... and Went.

As I've mentioned before, we are in an all-out-war with aphids. Sadly, they are winning. I am committed to only organic and natural solutions. I've tried Pharm Solution products, but to no avail. I am sure the problem is with my use, not with the product.

My most recent tactic was an onslaught of killers - cold blooded ladybugs. I ordered them online and they were delivered to my front door a few days later. As instructed, I released them at midnight into a well-watered garden. That was Thursday. Today, they are all gone.

I hope they ate their fill before flying off. I also hope they will return "home." The bad bugs are certainly still here! Next weekend, I will buy some more lady bugs and try again. *Sigh*

I purchased my ladybugs from Next time, I will try to buy ladybugs from a local store, but most stores here in Los Angeles are not yet keeping ladybugs in stock.

I'll keep you posted. Have you had luck with ladybugs? Interested in ladybugs? Read this.


  1. Good Luck with the Ladybugs.

  2. we've always had a ton of ladybugs because we have aphids in the bamboo around our yard. lately a few of our kales have aphids, though. i guess something about the weather (too much rain?) has them unhappy. usually in the spring, when more things start blooming, the aphid population gets brought under control. then of course the leaf miners start up...

  3. Ryan - you are giving me great hope. I found another aphid "patch" (what are these buggers - colony? horde? flock?) on my kumquat tree and almost cried. Hopefully, the aphid attack will soon pass! I'm not even thinking about the leaf miners until the aphids are long gone :)