Monday, March 16, 2009

Seed Excitement

Few things in life thrill me as much as the promise that is wrapped up inside a new seed packet. My newest love affair? Lavender. Not just any lavender mind you. Oh no, this is French Perfume Lavender cultivated especially for container gardens. I just hope these seeds are heirloom... I have a strong conviction for heirloom seeds, and I buy them whenever possible, but this little packet did not actually say one way or another. The seed company is Renee's Garden. Do you have experience with this company? Some of Renee's other seeds were labeled heirloom so I'm praying she's principled enough to use heirloom seeds. In any event, the promise of this "compact, deliciously fragrant, hardy Lavender" won me over with dreams of a hot California day encrusted in Lavender. My bees will love it!

Speaking of bees, the past few days I've seen some baby little bumbles on my roof top. I speak a blessing on those little guys and tell them they are always welcome on my roof.

Coming to a photo near you will be my Lavender starts. These seeds are recommend for an inside start. The packet says they take 18-28 days to germinate and mature to 12-18 inches. Stay tuned!

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