Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today in the Garden

Today was a wonderful day in the garden. I'll start with how it ended. I made some delicious salsa and yummy soup. I used one of my all time favorite white bean soup recipes. I forgot to add the mushrooms in the end, but the soup was delicious nonetheless. My sage and rosemary were in fine form. Sadly, I am out of thyme. Last weekend, I planted some thyme seeds so I am hopefully that a new crop will be bursting forth by next month. My tomatoes are still little indoor babies (started a bit over a month ago), so I bought an armful at the downtown farmers market on Friday. I pulled green onions from my beds as well as scrumptious cilantro. I have so much cilantro that I hardly know what to do with it! Most weekends, we get together with my cousins in the OC, but this weekend we're busy and they're busy. When I don't get together with my cousins and I forget to take a bundle of cilantro to friends at the office, I trim it back and put the fresh cilantro in my vermipost. I'm sure the worms love it, but it makes me sad to not be able to use all of the cilantro.

Back to my salsa, I have vine ripened farmer's market tomatoes, my green onions, my cilantro, and onion from the refrig (source unknown). I completed the masterpiece with limequat juice (from my tree on the roof), sea salt, and red-wine vinegar. We walked to our favorite little shop around the corner on 4th and Main to buy the only missing ingredient: chips! Needless to say, that salsa won't be around for long.

I am still finding aphids and sadly, my lacewing heros have yet to arrive. I actually saw a "wild" lacewing the other night. He was working alone, but I told him he is very welcome on my roof. I read somewhere that mint is an excellent bug repellent, and there are no aphids in my mint so I did something a little crazy. My most recent issue of The Herb Companion did a spread on dividing plants. So, I decided to plant some mint babies in more of my pots. I know that is a "playing with fire move" because mint spreads like wildfire, but it's worth a try. I put it in pots where the "main" plants are climbers and I don't thinkg there will be much of a dual for the ground space. Even if the mint twigs don't "take" in their new homes, I hope they will discourage at least a few nast aphids. It will be an interesting experiment.

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